Repair Request Form
If you need to request repairs from your landlord, you can use this form to do so:

Before sending your letter, here's a checklist of things to keep in mind to make sure your request is effective:

First, make sure you're up on your rent before sending the letter.  Under the property code, the letter isn't effective if you're behind on rent when it's sent. 

Second, make sure to take a picture or make a copy of the filled in form before you send it. You can use your phone as long as the picture is legible.  It doesn't do much good to send a letter if you can't prove the contents of what you sent.  

Third, send the letter to the person to whom or to the place where rent is normally paid.  In other words, if you normally pay your rent at the on-site office, mail your repair request there.  If you normally pay rent by mail, mail your repair request to that address.  

Fourth, make sure you send your repair request by certified mail, return receipt requested.  If you've never sent a letter that way, take your letter to the post office and ask the clerk to show you how to do it. There are several advantages to sending your letter by certified mail: (a) you're only required to send one letter (other methods require at least two requests), (b) you can use the return receipt to prove your landlord received the letter, and (c) the letter counts as delivered when the post office attempts to deliver it - even if the landlord avoids the mail.