Guide for Tenants Affected by Natural Disaster
A legal self help guide for tenants whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by natural disaster can be found here:

This guide is intended to provide basic information and basic forms to assist residential tenants whose homes were damaged by hurricane Harvey or another natural disaster. It addresses those issues that are likely to confront disaster-affected tenants, and covers those provisions in the Texas Property Code that specifically apply to natural disasters.

Because this guide is for tenants, it does not apply to and should not be relied upon by: (a) home owners, (b) individuals living in short-term housing (e.g. a hotel), (c) individuals renting a lot to place a mobile home on, or (d) commercial tenants.  Additionally, the information here is Texas specific and should not be relied on by tenants living in other states.  

The information in this guide is general information only, and is not intended to be specific guidance for any particular situation. You should contact an attorney for specific information related to your particular situation.    

NOTE:  This guide was last updated on September 6, 2017.  Laws change over time and the information in the guide may become outdated.  If you are accessing the guide after its most recent update, you should do your own research to confirm that the information contained in it is still accurate.